Courage to Provide New Social Services

INESS has published a new study with the title Courage to Provide New Social Services. You can download it as pdf here.

Courage to Provide New Social Services

The authors Soňa Holúbková and Radovan Ďurana (contributed with two chapters) wrote a study that indirectly links to previous work Monitoring of Absorption of Structural Funds which described ineffective investment into "old school" social services based in large institutions. New study describes assumptions, conditions and criteria for a development of the social services, that will mobilize community resources to better serve the needs of those who need help and support.

Community based services system represent and alternative to current government organized institutional system. The study describes the reasons, why the care provided by the natural communities is not only of higher value from the beneficient point of you, but at the end of the day also from the tax payers view.

The publication of the study has been supported by grant from Foundation Open Society Institute.

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