The Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS) began its activities in January 2006 as a non-governmental and apolitical civic association founded by concerned individuals and financed by private donations and revenues from its own activities. As an independent think tank, INESS monitors the functioning and financing of the public sector, evaluates the effects of legislative changes on the economy and society and comments on current economic and social issues. Our goal is to broaden public awareness of the principles of market mechanisms’ functions and the effects of state interventions and their impact on society and everyday life

Our priority areas include: 

  • taxation and contributions to the state budget,
  • social system (including pensions),
  • the public healthcare system,
  • monetary policy,
  • EU membership issues,
  • government regulation,
  • property rights.

All of the Institute’s activities focuses on solutions to urgent economic and social problems, bearing in mind that society’s main pillars are private property, peaceful coexistence and the guarantee of personal freedom.


In the past year 2019, we’ve accomplished the following:

  • 6500 participants in the Economics olympiad
  • We have prepared 18 new publications (4x INESS Policy Note, 5x INESS on Topic, 6x Market Finesse and many more contributions)
  • We have organized over 20 events
  • We have published over 100 articles
  • We have had more than 1000 media appearances, making us the most-cited economic think-tank for several consecutive years
  • We have been capable of reaching 2 000 newsletter subscriptions
  • We have sent more than 300 educational tools packages to schools all over Slovakia


Partnerships & memberships

  • Stockholm Network (The leading pan-European think tank and market -oriented network) and

  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation Network (The global network of more than 400 free-market organizations in over 80 countries).

  • 4liberty.eu (a platform for experts and intellectuals, currently from 14 think-tanks from Central and Eastern Europe, embodying the liberal environment, to share their opinions and ideas)



  • 2007 - Golden Umbrella Think Tank Award announced by the Stockholm Network

  • 2008 - Templeton Freedom Award in the category Innovative Media, announced by the Atlas Economic    Research    Foundation

  • 2009 - Dorian and Anthony Fisher Venture Grant by Atlas Economic Research Foundation

  • 2010 - Templeton Freedom Award in the category Special Achievement by a Young Institute, announced by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation

  • 2011 - 2nd place in Orange foundation Awards in the category Education


INESS runs many other activities and projects.  If you would like to set an appointment to get informed about our activities, or to support INESS, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Zlatý klinec Nadácia Orange Templeton Freedom Award Dorian & Antony Fisher Venture Grants Golden Umbrella Think Tanks Awards